Couple writes anti-Trump book, loses job

From the sound of things, writers Brad and Amy Herzog had a pretty good thing going for nearly two decades, traveling the country and writing a blog as spokespeople for the RV Industry Association.

“We have worked damn hard to be professional in every way while promoting RVing,” they write this week in an email to supporters. “We have never used that platform to further any other agenda, political or otherwise. And we never would. Ever. And RVIA loved us. They renewed our year-by-year contract 16 times. They even gave us a national award called the ‘Spirit of America’ award.

Their job was the biggest source of income for the couple who’ve written dozens of books. It was an easy life that usually resulted in fluffy “news” stories like this:

That gig is over now, they say. They wrote a rhyming picture book for adults about Donald Trump and started a Kickstarter campaign about it.


People who criticize Donald Trump do so at their own peril in the current political climate, however. We learned that most recently last night on NPR’s All Things Considered with Matt Katz’ story of what’s happened to Jewish reporters who criticized the likely Republican nominee for president of the United States.

Once word filtered into the RV industry that one of their own had written a book criticizing Trump, his supporters pressured the industry to dump them.

“I certainly hope the RV Industry Association will soon disavow their affiliation with these authors. For an organization that routinely walks the tightrope of political correctness, it seems rather odd that RVIA would turn a blind eye to such a divisive book in this politically-charged environment,” Greg Gerber, who writes the RV Daily Report blog, said, calling the Herzogs “California liberals.”

The Herzogs say they’ve lost their jobs promoting the RV industry as a result of the blowback from the announcement of their book.


“We have always been aware of the conservative leanings of the RV industry, yet we happily and genuinely promoted the RV experience,” the Herzogs write. “Because we believed one had absolutely nothing to do with the other. But less than 24 hours after this story outed us as ‘California liberals,’ right after we did yet another professional and on-message TV interview in Phoenix, and without even discussing the matter with us after 17 years of service, the powers that be ‘terminated’ our contract, effective immediately. All because, in our separate lives, we wrote a funny little picture book about the dangers of reactionary rhetoric.”

An industry statement called the decision “difficult.”

“However, Go RVing, and its principals, RVIA and RVDA, are nonpartisan,” it said. “On both the federal and state level, the RV industry has a long and successful record of building and maintaining positive working relationship on both sides of the aisle on legislative and regulatory issues. As spokespersons for Go RVing, the Herzogs’ decision to merchandise a book that does not meet the nonpartisan position of our organizations, distracted from our core values of political neutrality.”

Brad Herzog says he’ll donate $1 of the sale of every book to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

(h/t: Euan Kerr)

  • Jeff

    Yep, this is the same thing as when people boycott Hobby Lobby for advocating their Christian beliefs…it works both ways, as a freelancer you can have your contract dropped or not renewed for just about anything.

    • Your Grandpa

      Horsecrap. Advocating Christian beliefs? More like fighting for corporate rights and discrimination against employees who want respect for their reproductive rights.

      • Jeff

        Where those lines cross (pun not intended) is up for debate and the courts will and have decided where the business owner’s beliefs will be respected against employee rights.

  • Robert Moffitt

    I guess I won’t be writing any books until I’m retired, and in an RV of my own. Biodiesel powered, of course.

  • Jason Voskuil

    Will we see any uptick in using a nomme de plume?

  • PaulJ

    Poor Don, Respect Gone
    So Often Misunderstood?
    Trying to be Good

  • David Ezell

    The RV industry is inherently conservative because it involves wasting resources and polluting the air unnecessarily.

    • tboom

      Conservative is an interesting label. When you think about it “wasting resources and polluting the air” is the antithesis of conservation.

  • Kara Zenith

    Thank you so much for adding the link to the KickStarter page. I can’t wait for the book to come out!