After bad job of parking, man pulls a gun at gas station

There’s a little something for everybody in the Pioneer Press story about the arrest of a man who allegedly pointed a gun at a person at a gas station on Sunday evening.

It happened after Benyam Figa Dalu parked in the way of a 54-year-old man in the postage-stamp-sized SuperAmerica on West Seventh Street in St. Paul.

The man voiced his displeasure and we were off and running.

When the older man told Dalu that he shouldn’t have parked there, Dalu “became upset,” pulled a handgun from under the passenger’s seat of his car, and walked around his car to point it at the man’s chest, charges said.

The cops found him — the older man had phoned in a license plate — and his gun, and the hollow point bullets, which were inserted backwards.

Dalu says he felt threatened by the older man. That’s why he pulled the gun.

“Why didn’t you call the police,” the police asked, at which time Dalu provided the crowning exclamation point on the story.

Dalu answered that it was “church time.”

  • Gary F

    Did he have a permit to carry? My thoughts are no. Why not charge him with illegal possession of a hand gun?

  • This story has all kinds of stupid in it…

  • Anna

    I can guess we can be glad the St. Paul Police didn’t do what the Baton Rouge Police did to a black man selling CD’s in front of a convenience store—throw the guy to the ground, yell, “Gun!” and then shoot him six times in the chest after tazing him. And this guy wasn’t even reaching for the officer’s gun or trying to pull his own weapon. The officers found the weapon seconds before they shot him.

    They received a 911 call claiming a man selling CD’s in front of the Triple S Convenience Store was waving a gun at people. It appears the store owner was okay with him selling his wares. Obviously, the police were not. Alton Sterling, 37 died at the scene.

    Sterling had been in trouble with the law a few times since 1996 but was living at a shelter designed to help felons turn their lives around.

    I know the area where the convenience store is located. When I was growing up in Baton Rouge, it wasn’t a dangerous area but now it is in an area known as “the ‘hood.” You would definitely want to arm yourself if you’re doing business in that area today.

    Black communities around the country are anxious and on edge and so are the police who have to patrol them. It is a recipe for tragedy. Anytime we make decisions in anger, it doesn’t turn out well.

    The United States electorate should take a lesson.

    • Jim in RF

      Just saw the video. Simple case of shoot first and ask questions later. There has to be some consequences, at least every now and then, or Police will continue to believe that de-escalation is just woosey pussy-footing.

  • Thomas Mercier

    I’m just surprised he could get the magazine in and the slide closed with the bullets loaded backwards. In my opinion if you aren’t familiar with guns enough to know which way to point the bullets you probably shouldn’t be carrying, permitted or not.

    • Gary F

      I will find out. I know someone who owns one.

      • Gary F

        Bersa Thunder.380
        Magazine can accept backwards bullets
        Pistol will accept magazine with backward bullets
        You cannot chamber a round with backward bullets.

        Maybe because its made south of the equator.

  • Jeff

    This is a clear case of an uniformed person using a gun how the media portrays them in most news stories or in entertainment. The idea that you can simply pull a gun out and threaten people who don’t like how/where you parked is how someone uses a gun in a movie or TV show…not in reality (other than this guy), the fact that this guy put the bullets into the clip backwards furthers the idea that this guy had zero training with firearms. It is next to impossible this guy had a permit to carry since he would have had to fire his weapon accurately and learn all the rules about when you can use his firearm…none of his actions display his ability to safely use a firearm. We need to remove the veil of fear around firearms and teach people how to safely & properly use firearms…no one I know who is serious about firearms would ever casually point guns at people or ever have alcohol around them, although people unfamiliar or fearful of firearms tend to do the stupid things like swing their gun around with the barrel pointing at people (saw this once, his excuse was “it wasn’t loaded”, which doesn’t matter one bit!).

    • Jim G

      Did you happen to see a high United States Navy official wave and point his firearm at teenagers making noise outside his house on this morning’s national news programs? My take? When loaded guns are available they lower the probability of a peaceful solution.

    • jon

      I don’t even know where to start…

      Why would I be worried about some one pointing a barrel of a gun at me if I’m not afraid of the gun? Fear is healthy, keeps people alive, particularly when handling a deadly weapon (because make no mistake a gun is a deadly weapon). The only way to handle a firearm is to have a healthy amount of fear and respect for the fact that it’s a tool for putting holes in things, people, and animals at a distance.

      Also how guns are portrayed in news stories is how they are used, specifically in the events that lead to there being a story…

      While I suspect no one you know who is serious about guns has committed any gun crime that would result in a news story, that doesn’t mean that the news media is lying about every story that involves a firearm.

  • tboom

    If you believe the NRA the solution here is more guns. If there would have been a “good guy” with a gun he/she could have shoot Dalu … end of story (sort of).

  • Kurt O

    I’ve thought about making little notes to put on the windshields of boneheads saying “NICE PARKING JOB $&@!?!!!” Now I’m less likely to do that…