Where’s the mugshot for Stanford rapist?

There’s an odd result when you try to find the mugshot for Brock Turner, the Stanford swimmer who got a slap on the wrist for raping a woman.


It’s impossible to find.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the picture of Turner that has accompanied the news stories since last week’s sentencing.

It’s this one: his Stanford class picture.

“There are photos of Turner in court. There are photos of Brock in his Stanford yearbook attire of a suit and tie,” the Inquisitr writes. “There are also photos of Brock doing what he does best in the swimming pool, wearing goggles and a swimming cap, just hanging out in a pool after besting his swim meet times.”

It is a disparity that is being noticed by viewers searching for Brock’s mugshot, who are commenting about the continued privileges being afforded to Turner by attempts to keep his mugshot from the general public.

A search for “mugshot” on Twitter finds many people commenting on the sentiment that Turner’s mugshot should be attached to articles in place of his suit-and-tie, “all-American” photo from his yearbook.

The Palo Alto police department, under fire online for not releasing a booking photo, issued a statement saying the case wasn’t under its jurisdiction. It belonged to the Stanford Department of Public Safety.

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