Sauk Rapids kid achieves goal: a Harley T-shirt every day

If you want to succeed in life, kid, you have to have goals.

That’s why Brian Ayer’s mom has him set a goal at the beginning of each school year in Sauk Rapids, Minn. They’re generally of the academic variety.

“That’s usually what our goals have been in the past,” Becky Ayer tells the St. Cloud Times.

But young Brian couldn’t think of anything until he noticed he was wearing a Harley-Davidson T-shirt. That’s when he set a goal for his 5th-grade year: He’d wear a Harley-Davidson T-shirt. Every day.

But the Ayer family (including 14-year-old big sister Kayla) ended up embracing Brian’s goal. If they’d go out of town to, say, a concert, they would look for a Harley dealership in the area to stock up on shirts. To keep from doing laundry so often, Brian’s Harley wardrobe grew from two shirts to almost 20.

“It’s made shopping so easy for presents,” Becky Ayer said. “Christmas, it was Harley shirts. Birthday, it was Harley shirts. So I kind of liked that part of it.”

Yesterday was the last day of school. His teacher vouched for him: He wore a Harley shirt every day.

His classmates thought he was pretty cool to do so, a worthy goal for any 5th grader: emerge from it being considered cool.

“I’m just excited he stuck with it, that he chose something even as silly as wearing a Harley shirt every day, but he made his goal,” Becky Ayer said. “I’m so proud of him for that.”

This is the sort of thing that can bring out online shamers, of course. Those tempted should be prepared to answer one question: What year-long goal have you kept lately?