Realities of parenthood win out over Internet in gorilla death

Joseph T. Deters, the prosecutor in Cincinnati, today provided the details the Internet didn’t bother waiting for a week or so ago when a young boy fell into a gorilla enclosure at the zoo.

“She was being attentive to her children by all witness accounts,” Mr. Deters said at a news conference today announcing he won’t be charging the parents. “And the 3-year-old just scampered off.”

She was trying to watch three other kids at the same time.

Take that, internet.

“I’ve never seen the attention given to a family endangering case as this,” Deters said.

“If you don’t believe a 3-year-old can scamper away that quickly, you’ve never had kids,” Deters said. “They just do that.”

The father wasn’t with the mother and children at the zoo, he said.