#NoWomanEver exposes everyday misogyny

I was driving down West Seventh Street in St. Paul at rush hour — which is a nicer way of saying “I was stuck and going nowhere” — the other day when a guy in a sports car of some sort, top down, passed on the right and pulled up next to the woman at the stoplight and honked. She looked over and he offered a piece of paper…presumably a note with a phone number perhaps. She declined. He laughed and sped off.

I take as some comfort the fact that I, a man, am still shocked at stuff like this, just as I was yesterday while sitting on the patio at Afro Deli and watched a woman just try to walk down the plaza — just trying to walk — and being catcalled by men walking in the other direction.

We men can’t even begin to fathom how exhausting it must be just to get through the day as a woman.

That’s why the hashtag that’s trending on Twitter this week — #NoWomanEver — should be required reading by men, but probably won’t be.

It documents the harassment that women endure daily.

BuzzFeed says it started on Saturday when a 37-year-old Atlanta woman began posting the descriptions of street harassment. But it likely could’ve been any woman anywhere.

Archive: When it comes to women, men are going back to the ’50s (NewsCut)

  • Jeff
    • Kassie

      No. Do you think Teague started doing this once he had power? I’m sure it started in high school and college, and seeing how he got away with it and how it gave him power over women, he continued it. It is not ok for high school boys to do it any more than Norwood Teague. Let’s not make excuses for younger men and instead stop it and stand up to it.

      • KariBemidji

        Bingo. It’s starts early – oh he likes you, that’s why he: teases you, chases you around the playground, pulls on your braids, snaps your bra, cat calls… Teach them well when they are young to respect others.

        • Jeff

          I think a lot of men grow out of it in their late 20s or when they have kids…but parents should teach their boys not to act like that and their girls to not accept it.

          • Veronica

            So….how do you propose teaching girls “to not accept it.”?

          • Jeff

            Teach women self-respect, teach them how to fend for themselves, teach them to speak out when someone attempts to denigrate them or other women or men. Finally, let them know that whoever they share their life with should respect them, care about them and stand up for them.

          • There have been many accounts of women who have attempted to “fend for themselves” in these situations that ended up getting physically assaulted or killed.

            Put the focus on teaching boys not to act like that and we won’t have to worry about teaching girls to not accept it.

          • Jeff

            For those situations I would highly recommend conceal and carry for women. I agree boys need to be taught things but we have to be honest here…I’m pretty sure we tell people not to steal or commit fraud but bad people still do those things.

          • Al

            Please mansplain self-respect to me, said #NoWomanEver.

          • Jeff

            I was asked a direct question and I answered it, logically womansplain to me how that’s mansplaining.

      • DavidG

        yeah, given that one of his victims was a close personal assistant to the President, power differentials were meaningless to him.

  • MrE85

    An open question to all the fathers out there: did you ever talk about this sort of thing with your sons? I never recall my dad saying anything about it.

    “We men can’t even begin to fathom how exhausting it must be just to get through the day as a woman.”

    If this sounds like a “woman’s problem,” you’re missing the point, guys. It’s OUR problem, and only we can change this.

    • PaulJ

      From watching the sitcoms in the 60s, I inferred it was always better to let the lady do the asking.

  • Angela

    Thank you for blogging this kind of stuff Bob. I so appreciate that you choose to bring these kinds of issues to the fore with your piece of the microphone. Thank you thank you.

    • Veronica


  • Mike Worcester

    Every young man, heck, even middle aged men like me, should watch this video and then ask themselves the following question — what is even remotely appropriate about how she was treated?

    Answer — Nothing. At all.