Minnesota as ‘loserville’? Try watching the winners

Dear Minnesota sports fans:

Quit your whining.

The Minnesota Lynx moved to 13-0 after yesterday’s game against the previously undefeated Los Angeles Sparks.

Renee Montgomery hit a three-pointer with 3 seconds left to win the game in what the Star Tribune called “the biggest moment of perhaps the biggest regular-season game in WNBA history.”

FoxSports North told the Star Tribune’s Michael Rand that it didn’t want to spend the money to provide the game on local TV. Losers.

  • I listened on BOB FM with my 8-year-old son. It was fun!

    • Jim in RF

      I took off early and listened in the garden as I pulled weeds.

  • Jay Sieling

    Followed on Twitter. But can we please dispose of the #LosLynx tag? It’s especially confusing when the Lynx are playing Los Angeles. #MNLynx should be the go to.

  • ec99
  • Moffitt

    Well said, Bob.

  • Mike Worcester

    I have an 80 year old mother who lives up north and it grates her mightily that she cannot watch her favorite team.

    The other night when the Twins were not playing but the Lynx were, FSN was showing beach volleyball or something similar.

  • Al

    Not to mention Augustus, Moore, and Whalen being named to the WNBA’s 20 of all-time list. OF ALL TIME. I get that it’s only been 20 years, but when you’re up against players like Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoopes… not too shabby.


  • Where all the women are strong…

  • lindblomeagles

    It would be nice if the Twin Cities would brag about the Minnesota Lynx and attend more of their games, instead of crossing their fingers and toes while watching the Twins nosedive AGAIN or being led to believe for the umpteenth season that the Vikings are going to the Super Bowl with an okay, but not great, team. The Lynx now own the Twin Cities MOST PRO TITLES at 3, surpassing the Twins in last year’s WNBA Finals, and unlike the NBA, the WNBA is not a “fixed league” with questionable suspensions of NBA players (see Dramond Green), phantom foul calls (see Steph Curry), or all those non-calls for push-offs, travels, and forearmed shivers (see Lebron James throughout this season, and most of his career). The WNBA ladies actually play REAL basketball, not the theater the NBA peddles as basketball.

    • Hugh Gitlin

      The Lakers still have more with 5.

    • (The officiating is just as bad in the WNBA as it is in the NBA, though.)

  • mnboy67

    I MIGHT have watched a “feed” off the internet of the game yesterday…It was excellent! I do have to say even with a market as large as LA’s that sadly the stands were pretty bare even for a match up of two undefeated teams with the best records ever in the WNBA.