High school grad wants to wear National Honor Society mark. School says ‘no’

Here’s today’s high school graduation kerfuffle:

In Plano, Texas a high school senior who says he worked hard to become a member of the National Honor Society is upset that he’s not allowed to wear the traditional white satin stole with the the NHS emblem, according to WFAA.

“I’m not just an honor student — I’m an NHS student. I worked hard. I put in the hours,” Garrett Frederick said of his 20 hours of service work every semester and his academic achievement over the life of his high school years.

His mother suggests it’s part of the movement to make everyone feel special by making sure special people aren’t singled out, although academic achievers are allowed to wear a marking that identifies them as such.

“They deserve it,” KellyAnn Frederick said. “They worked so hard for it. If you choose not to work that hard, then that’s okay! I wasn’t an NHS kid. I didn’t wear the NHS stole when I graduated. But friends of mine did, and I was OK!”

Garrett says he’s thought of starting a petition but figures it’s too late to do anything about the rule.

He could, of course, always break it and wear the stole anyway.