Fargo ‘candidate’ wants to build a wall to keep Moorhead out

Mikhael Teryohin, an engineer at a software company in Fargo, is worried about people across the border and the threat they represent to the hard-working people in his area. They could, for example, steal their jobs.

That’s right. Mikhael is worried about the people from Moorhead.

“The way people are talking about things and the way the media spins different things, people are so disconnected and it’s so based on emotion,” Teryohin tells the Fargo Forum about his satirical video. “So I thought why not have a little fun.”

  • ec99

    I wonder if Doug Burgum endorses him.

  • Gary F

    Yakoff Smirnoff

  • lindblomeagles

    Thank you Mikhael for the fun. Good way to make a point. Perhaps there should be a wall separating Minneapolis from Saint Paul? Just kidding. Really, I am.

    • Mike Worcester

      I bet a hundred years ago the ptb’s in both cities might have said “sure, why not?” 🙂

  • Mike Worcester

    Poor Moorhead, always the picked on one of the metroplex.