Columnist issues ‘no dancing after wins’ warning to Twins

Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse appears to have stepped in it again with a column today in which he lambastes the Minnesota Twins players for celebrating when they win a game.

The Star Tribune sports department must be an utterly joyless place because this is the sort of thing that Reusse says is shameful.

Parents: The following images might be unsuitable for young children. You’ve been warned.

It was understandable the Twins celebrated Tuesday’s winning home run by greeting Dozier wildly at home plate, sending a bat boy to dump water over Dozier’s head during a postgame interview, and holding a smoke-filled dance party in the clubhouse.

It was understandable because this team and this organization appear to have lost all shame in the misery of a season that has captured huge momentum to stand as the most-disgusting in the 56 the Twins have played in Minnesota — now split equally between 28 indoors and 28 outdoors.

And you fans (who actually paid to watch the game) who cheered a win? Explain yourselves.

NBC’s Craig Calcaterra, an immensely respected baseball writer for NBC Sports, says Reusse provides “some pretty questionable crap” in coded references to Latin ballplayers.

Like saying, “there is nothing more damaging to the Twins’ future than the ongoing difficulty in getting extra-talented players from the Caribbean to become fully invested in reaching stardom.” There’s a lot to unpack there. It comes in a familiar suitcase, though, in which Latino players are seen as unmotivated as a basic proposition, which is some pretty ugly stuff in which I had assumed major paper columnists had stopped trafficking. Guess not.

Calcaterra unloads on Reusse, saying Minnesotans have a better grasp on the concept that it’s just sports.

Reusse and his ilk are the tail that wags the dog. They’ve been so for decades, pretending that their anger, real or put-on, is the true voice of sports fandom. There’s a silent majority out there, however, that doesn’t think like this. Men, women and children who enjoy a game and prefer a win but who don’t expect the self-flagellation from athletes Reusse demands and who aren’t as self-entitled as Reusse would have them be. We’ve accepted such fictions as fact from a self-important sports media for far too long. We should stop accepting it.

  • Jerry

    Look, if sports were meant to be fun, they wouldn’t call them games. Oh wait.

  • It’s ironic that Reusse has bemoaned the loss of Torii Hunter’s clubhouse leadership and yet trashes the dance parties that Torii used to build camaraderie and boost morale.

    • Erik Petersen

      I dont have any sense that he has serioulsy bemoaned the loss of Hunter’s ‘leadership’. If he expressed something like that, it was done wryly or ‘ironically’. Reusse is one of those guys who thinks leadership is an rbi double.

  • Rob

    Reusse’s always been a bit of a turd in the punch bowl. When you don’t win a lot of games, the victories are even sweeter. So exult away, Twins!

  • blindeke

    Reusse has become a satire of himself. A new low!

  • tboom

    Reusse is wrong, true it’s a crummy team, but the fault doesn’t lie with the players. The fault lies with an ownership unwilling to put together a team, a collection of players, capable of competing on the field.

    As with life and baseball, sometimes the road is rough and the best you can do is endure, learn and anticipate better days. Individual players, fans, and the team as a whole should enjoy life’s journey this season as best they can. For crying out loud, it’s only a sport.

    Mr. Reusse has written about dealing with his own demons and I respect him for fighting that battle and winning daily. Whether he intends to single out Latino players or not (maybe he also thinks white players from the Midwest are unmotivated) he should approach trashing athletes with a little more caution least we stereotype wealthy, privileged, white, red-necks from Fulda.

    • Kurt O

      Maybe the Pohlads and Glen Taylor should spend more money on the teams they already own instead of buying a new soccer team.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    The problem is Reusse is no longer a sports columnist, he’s a sports talk radio host with a side gig as an occasional columnist for the local paper. His columns have started to read like his on air rants. Sometimes the are worth reading other times you should just give up after the second paragraph.

  • lindblomeagles

    Reusse just doesn’t understand how long the baseball season truly is. 162 games folks! Spread over 6 months!!! When you’re a losing baseball team, and the Twins are, and you haven’t reached the All Star Game yet, which is a month away STILL, you’re going to celebrate every win you get because you might not reach win number 60.

  • Bowling ball grip

    Right on Patrick!! I liken the Twin’s celebration to a player doing the bat flip and celebrating a home run, when his team is losing 12-0. Or a wide receiver doing a touchdown dance when his team is losing 43-3. It’s embarrassing. As a fan, I’m not celebrating until they pull off a 7 game winning streak.