Becoming Dad

We were enchanted today with this new video from Soul Pancake in advance of Father’s Day.

“Don’t live scared,” a father-to-be said he’d like to teach his kid.

It’s a neat trick since the prospect of becoming a father is often horrifying, and the process of being one can strip every ounce of confidence and self-esteem.

Fathers won’t tell you that.

Happy Father’s Day.

  • Gary F

    The real reward is when they get into their 20’s and start realizing that you weren’t so dumb after all.

    • Jack

      We are now in that phase of life and I’m amazed at how thankful our kid is after several years of being less than fun to live with. I chalk some of that up to maturity but also some of it to almost losing a parent prematurely.

      Hug your kids even if they don’t appreciate it now – someday they will again.