You’re just $1.9 million away from having your own jet

Duluth-based Cirrus is getting plenty of attention today because the idea of a personal jet is finally getting off the ground. Years behind schedule, the first produced model of of Cirrus’ VLJ (very light jet) has made its maiden flight, the Duluth News Tribune says.

“It demonstrated that we have implemented out a repeatable process on our production line and are prepared to begin initial production of the Vision Jet,” Ben Kowalski, a Cirrus spokesman, tells the paper.

When that will be depends on when the FAA gives its final permission to begin production.

People have been throwing money at Cirrus for years to get in line for the jets. About 600 people have each put down $100,000 deposits on the $1.96 million jet.

Many will apparently go to companies which will rent the jets out.

That’s probably beyond the capability — financially and otherwise — for most of us.

But you’re not out of luck. Oshkosh-based Sonex is itself banking on the idea that people will want to fly around in their personal jets, so they’ve made a kit you can construct yourself.

Currently it’s priced at $42,000. Great sounding price? The engine is extra.

If you’re in a hurry, you can order it online because there’s nothing cooler than selecting “jet” and then clicking “add to cart.”

The down side is it only carries one person. But where would you find another person to fly with you in a jet you built yourself anyway?