Thieves steal flags from vets, so cops buy new ones

Photo from Lee Sjolander via Facebook.
In Kenyon, Minn., someone has been stealing American flags. What’s worse: They were stolen from the homes of veterans, police chief Lee Sjolander reports on his Facebook page.

We have no idea why someone would do such a horrible thing, but we couldn’t let these wonderful people who served our country go without their flags.

When Officer Amy started her shift, we got right to work and replaced the two flags. They were paid for out of our own pocket, and we were happy to do it.

If you know who took the flags from these veterans, we are willing to work with them on making things right.
We are not sharing this information to get pats on our backs, we are sharing this information in hopes that people who think things like this are no big deal, or are just a joke, realize that our veterans have done so much for us, and the least we can do, is let them have their symbol of our great nation.

Stay safe,