The beauty of a killer tornado

We admit we’re conflicted by the video provided by storm chasers in tornado alley.

There’s a certain beauty in the unfolding disaster and an impressiveness in its power. On the other hand, driving toward a tornado is only encouraged by showing storm chasing video. And yet… we can’t look away.

This tornado in Oklahoma yesterday killed two people.

  • wjc

    Boy Howdy!

  • joetron2030

    Misread title of this post as “The beauty of a killer tomato”. (It’s because I was just looking at the Trylon Micro Cinema’s website for their B-movie series.)

  • joetron2030

    BTW, I count myself very lucky that I’ve lived in MN for nearly 40 years now and have never been directly in the path of a tornado. I’ve seen a few from a distance. I’ll be happy for my lucky stretch to continue.

    • Postal Customer

      Tornadoes are statistically rare, so it’s really not a matter of luck.

  • Craig

    Sublime, is what Kant would call it. We’re supposed to look at the sublime in order to feel small and think bigger.

  • Rob

    There is no beauty in a tornado. Power, yes. Formidableness, yes. Staggering destructive force, yes. No beauty. And I’m no doubt an outlier, but I don’t watch tornado videos; they hold no fascination for me at all.

  • lindblomeagles

    I saw this tornado on Channel 45 News. You’re right Bob. My eyes just couldn’t pull away from it. The thing with tornadoes is they are so beautiful, visually, like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, that you really can’t believe something this gorgeous can rip you, limb from limb, or dispossess your things faster than an IRS audit or past due bill collector. You just in sheer awe of this thing.