For sale: Sweet ride with a siren

Every now and then, cities put their surplus vehicles up for sale. In many cases, they’ve been beaten into the ground and the price at auction reflects that. If you drive a car, you have a pretty good idea what the value is.

But how about one of these babies?

It’s a 1997 HME pumper firetruck.

Mileage? It was only driven by firemen when there was something going on in Apple Valley, which is conducting an online auction to sell it. That’s 38,500 miles, although the odometer only reads about 4,000 miles because it was replaced.

Who doesn’t want their own fire truck?

It has automatic transmission, seats 5 and can water your lawn from the street at 1,250 gallons per minute.

So far, the bidding has been furious with people trumping — perhaps it’s time to push that word out of the standard lexicon — one another in $100 increments. It’s currently up to $6,600, although we’re partial to the person who started the bidding last Friday at $2.

If that toy doesn’t fit your needs, there’s also a signed Fender guitar with a current bid of about $80. And, no, I don’t really know why the City of Apple Valley owned a guitar, the Miller Lite logo neon sign, four grill cookers and smokers, or a fake palm tree, all of which are among the surplus items that have to go.