Football is months away but we can’t shut up about it

Football has an amazing ability to stay in the news virtually every day during the off-season. Today did not break the string.

Apparently, ESPN — and you’ll want to sit down for this — tweeted something stupid.

To which the Vikings responded:

Which gave Packers fans a chance to do that thing they do to give their lives some meaning.

There are 114 days to go before the start of the NFL season.

  • >> it’s a division banner oh my god<<

    Let's see Green Bay's 2015 Division banner.

    Oh, wait…

    /Also: Ice Hockey > Football

  • Jack Ungerleider

    Which raises the question if the message is sent via twitter and is called a tweet is the sender a tweeter or a twit?

    • Mike Worcester

      They might be a candidate for Twit of the Year…..

  • PaulJ

    Leave it to a Packer to make an obscene gesture.

    • LifebloodMN

      “That is a disgusting act…”

  • lindblomeagles

    If I were the Packers I’d be concerned about an ESPN curse or jinx. Not only did the Packers lose the NFC North Division Crown to the Minnesota Vikings last year, they were a Hail Mary pass to a slow footed tight end on a Thursday Night Game away from being swept by the Lions in 2015, and they darn near dropped two games to the Chicago Bears as well. That’s right. Cutler and the Bears very nearly beat them at Lambeau early on in the season, and did beat them in Chicago late last year on a rainy night. The Packers have a lot of work to do this offseason. Hope the curse doesn’t get them.

    • andy

      Actually, the Bears did beat the Packers at Lambeau last season. In fact, the Packers lost EVERY home divisional game last season. The Bears, Lions and Vikes won last season in Green Bay.
      However, the Packers did win all divisional road games…….

    • Jay T. Berken

      “If I were the Packers I’d be concerned about an ESPN curse or jinx.”
      You are a Packers fan, because you sound like one…:)