Coming soon: More ads on team jerseys

It’s only a matter of time before all team sports go full-NASCAR and sell ads on their jerseys.

The WNBA led the way among major sports when it allowed team to plaster ads on their jerseys.

The Mayo Clinic Boost Lynx became the first major sports team in our area to adopt the idea, which they did in 2014, and it worked out fine. They won a championship.

Now it’s the men’s turn.

Bloomberg reports the Philadelphia 76ers have reached a deal with StubHub, the ticket reseller, for ads on their jerseys. But it’ll star small — just a 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch patch.

“It’s the best real estate in sports,” the 76ers boss said.

When the Timberwolves follow suit is still anybody’s guess, but it probably won’t be StubHub.

The team’s FlashSeats app has made the Timberwolves invisible on the ticket reseller’s site, causing some fans to sue the team.

  • Dan

    I still remember the first time Bernard Hopkins walked into the ring with a “GoldenPalace . com” henna tattoo on his back.

    Or look at the EPL, take Arsenal as an example. Looks like a “Fly Emirates” jersey with a little Arsenal logo on it.

  • ec99

    Given the T-Wolves, perhaps a mortuary ad would be fitting.

    • Rob

      yes, or Connie’s Crematorium.

  • jon

    Don’t you hate it when your professional sports team is only pulling in $14-15 million a year?
    I mean that is hardly even enough to built a decent brand new stadium every 30 years without government assistance (well technically it’s plenty enough to built a new stadium ever 30 years, and maybe even finance it, but that’s for math nerds)
    Thankfully though we found untapped advertising space on jerseys!

    At the rate we are going we don’t need to install anti-bird strike glass on the new vikings stadium, we can just depend on the window cling advertisements to alert the birds to the windows on that building!

  • BJ

    Eh, soccer has been doing it for years. With no commercial breaks, the ‘side boards’ and jersey is about all you can do to get advertising money.

    • wjc

      Thanks for the Manchester United shout-out.

      But let’s have somebody who is still with the team (Angel Di Maria is gone.)

      Also, notice the shift from Nike to Adidas.

      • BJ

        It was first image, with a recognized sponsor name. If I was showing support I would have put a Harry Kane image up.

  • Nightowl

    It just seems wrong to not have the team name on the jersey as prominently as the advertiser. We’ve started calling them the Mayo Clinics.

    This can backfire. Remember Enron Field in Houston.

  • lindblomeagles

    Personally, I’m a classic sports fan. The logo, as well as the players, helped me identify with the team and its competitors. I still remember trying to draw each of the logos teams in the 1970s and 1980s wore, like the Houston Astros, the cartoonish Baltimore Orioles, the Bucco Bruce from the then expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But, Disney owns ESPN, and ESPN owns ABC. Cities and counties overtax and overpay stadium bills just so their city is identified with the sports’ teams. Corporate advertisers already buy stadium naming rights, like Invesco Field in Denver, Citi (Bank) Field in New York, Levi (Jeans) Field in Santa Clara, and my personal favorite, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Oracle, the software developer, has the naming rights to the stadium in tonight’s NBA Western Conference Final in San Francisco, between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder. While it was inevitable Mad Money Motivated Corporate Businesses would eventually slap their name on a uniform, I think Bob would even agree with me, that we’re losing another culturally meaningful homage to the rich and powerful 1/10 of 1%. We’ve reached true oligarchy, and seem incapable of stopping it.

    • Rob

      I never refer to stadiums by their corporate names, and always encourage friends and rellies to do likewise -especially if the facilities are inhabited by losing franchises. So it’s the Saints Stadium, Twins Field, Timberwolves Center, and Vikings (major eyesore) Stadium. And don’t even get me started on the various Gopher facilities.

      • ec99

        If the Mariucci were even to undergo a name change, I’d change my avatar.

        • Khatti

          But then I could no longer respect your authoritah!

          • ec99

            Please pass the Cheezy Poofs.

  • Rob

    The corporatization of sports is one reason why I’ m not a jock sniffer. Forget jersey plugs, it’s just a matter of time until naming rights extend to the teams. So coming soon: Ubers vs Lyfts, McNuggets vs Whoppers, Chevy Silverados vs Ford F-150s, etc.

    • BJ

      You are about 10 years off.

      Red Bull has bought several soccer teams around the world (and other sports, like hockey) and renamed them.

      In the US in MLS we have New York Red Bulls. l think FC Red Bull Salzburg might be the first they bought, around 2005. I think they have named all the stadiums Red Bull Arena, or Red Bull Stadium or something similar.

      • Rob

        At least Red Bulls sounds a little more like a team name…