When comments enrich us

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness.

There was an article in The Guardian this week on the nature of online comments — The Dark Side of Guardian Comments. It looked at the experience of its online writers and found that online harassment is particularly ripe for non-whites and women. Not much of a surprise there.

A Twitter follower sent me the link because the comments on NewsCut are “less horrible,” she said. It’s not exactly what I was going after.

The Guardian found exactly what you’d expect to find in an analysis of online comments, although it’s vowing not to shut them off for everyone because “journalism is enriched by responses from its readers.”

Enriched? Are you serious?

Colleague Julia Schrenkler sent me this video that was posted this week. A filmmaker found a comment on a YouTube video — a YouTube video, people! — about gaming. It didn’t hate on anyone. It didn’t troll. The commenter merely did what the best commenters do: S(he) told a story. Is it true? I don’t know.