Washington restaurant gives Minn. vets standing ovation

Let the record show that when the Minnesota veterans of World War II and the Korean War walked into a restaurant on their Honor Flight to visit the World War II and Korean War memorial on Saturday, the people in the restaurant knew just what to do.

Patrick Hoy, of Apple Valley, whose dad was in the Korean War, filmed the touching scene.

Mr. Hoy also posted this image of he and his dad visiting another famous vet at Arlington National Cemetery.

  • Jack

    Here’s hoping that all vets of this era get the opportunity to visit DC in their lifetimes.

  • Angry Jonny

    I love the Audie Murphy photo.

  • John O.

    My Dad (a Korean War veteran as well) went on his Honor Flight last October. My daughter (a junior high teacher) went with Dad. It was an experience neither will forget.

  • Paul

    I like that everyone in the background walking about stopped and paid attention when taps was played – our culture may not be as disconnected as portrayed.