The 4th Precinct steps up

By way of the Bike Cops for Kids Facebook page we pass along this story from Minneapolis’ 4th Precinct, which spent months in the news last fall as the scene of protests following the shooting of Jamar Clark.

So Lucy Laney [Community] School had their first annual father/daughter dance at the school on an evening a couple weeks ago. The 4th Precinct boss, pictured here with 3rd grader Nashya, and several of his street officers volunteered to step in if any young lady(s) wanted to go and didn’t have a father/step-father or male figure that could go.

There were several beautiful young ladies that were absolutely thrilled to be escorted to the dance by some handsome MPD officers. Please share this and let’s make sure this great story has a huge audience

Which sent us over to the Lucy Craft Laney Community School Facebook page because we’re suckers for dad-daughter dance photos.

(h/t: Melissa Hansen)

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