Fan catches 5 balls at a game, gives them all to kids

There’s reserved seating in Baseball Heaven for Bill Dugan, a Detroit Tigers fan who was raised right.

He caught five foul balls in yesterday’s Detroit-Pittsburgh game.

“My record’s eight — four during a game and four during batting practice,” he tells the Detroit Free Press. “So I tied my record during a game just now.”

He gave each ball to a kid.

“I have a waiting list of kids,” Dugan tells MLB. “The kids are showing other kids where ‘the seat’ is if they want a foul ball.”

Catching five balls is a record, previously held by a fan in Cleveland who caught four balls a couple of years ago. But there was an asterisk next to that fan’s name because it was in last-in-the-league-in-attendance Cleveland where there’s little competition.

He also kept three of the balls.

(h/t: Matt Lutz, Matt Black)

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