Camaro hits 171 mph on Highway 61

Thanks to the Duluth News Tribune, we learned today how fast a police car can go when it has big intentions: 135 mph. We also learned how fast a Camaro can go when it unwinds on Highway 61 on the way to Two Harbors: 171 mph.

The driver of the Camaro made it easy on Hermantown Police Department Deputy Chief Shawn Padden, who was patrolling the highway on Friday night. The 36-year-old driver pulled over right away, “which is good because we’d probably be in Canada right now,” Padden told the paper.

The driver said he didn’t know how fast he was going, although, to be fair, the view out the window should’ve been a clue.

He was cited for careless driving, which can result in revocation of a driver’s license, a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail.