A newspaper’s front page in Donald Trump’s America

The Boston Globe’s editorial board made its point in an interesting — if somewhat inflammatory way — today.

To underscore its editorial calling for the GOP to “stop” Trump, it wrapped its Sunday edition with a phony front page of the paper to suggest what a day in the life of the country would be like under the Trump administration a year from now (Click the image for the full view).

Said the editorial:

The toxic mix of violent intimidation, hostility to criticism, and explicit scapegoating of minorities shows a political movement is taking hold in America. If Trump were a politician running such a campaign in a foreign country right now, the US State Department would probably be condemning him.

Realizing that the party faces a double bind, a few conservatives have been clear-eyed enough to see the need for a plausible, honorable alternative that could emerge from the likely contested convention. Names like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney have come up. If no candidate gets a majority on the convention’s first ballot, such a nomination might be theoretically possible.

This would have no modern precedent: Ordinarily, parties put aside their differences after primaries and rally to the front-runner because they share basic common goals and values. In any other election cycle, anti-Trump Republicans would just look like sore losers. But Trump lacks those common values — not just the values of Republicans but, it becomes clearer every day, those of Democrats.

The timing of the editorial is interesting, coming as it does when recent primaries have suggested the appeal of Trump’s bombastic nature is running out of steam.