A ‘Little Papi’ sings the National Anthem

Here’s today’s daily dose of sweetness, which continues our unofficial theme of the day: Baseball.

In Boston, David Ortiz — he played around here once, you may have heard — participated in his last opening day at Fenway Park with a first: the first time he was surprised to hear his daughter sing the National Anthem.

[Update 3:57 p.m.]– Minnesota had its own nice moment today when it got a chance to salute Rod Carew, who had a heart attack last fall while playing golf, and who likely is going to need a heart transplant.

[Update 4:50 p.m. ]- One more “moment”, this one from St. Louis where Lou Brock, one of the greatest base stealers of all time, walked to the mound to throw out the first pitch, just months after a leg was amputated because of diabetes.