1,000 Words: The best job in Minnesota

Posit: At least on a day like today, the best job in Minnesota is reroofing a church steeple in St. Paul, while being hoisted in a bucket and suspended by a crane. Familiarity with the book of Isaiah optional.


(Viewed from the MPR’s UBS Forum)

  • John O.

    Being a roofer definitely has its ups and downs.

  • Gary F

    It would have to rain soon to wash the vomit off the steeple if I were up that high. A 5 gallon pail of Dramamine couldn’t get me up there.

  • Kassie

    Days like today make me want to be an urban mail carrier. What a great day to walk through neighborhoods delivering mail.

    Of course, second best is my current job where I’m sitting on my porch with my laptop pumping out emails and meeting requests. Not a bad life.