With ice out, kayak season is underway

When the ice disappears along the Lester River in Duluth, it means one thing: It’s time to get the kayaks out.

“Lester is pretty unique because it’s a high quality class, four-five run,” Lester River Race Director Ryan Zimny tells WDIO. “To have it right in the city limits, next to a pretty good size city is really unique.”

The race takes advantage of the spring melt runoff.

What’s it like being in a kayak on a river that’s anxious to get somewhere? This.

Here are the results of Sunday’s race.

  • KTFoley

    “high quality class, four-five run”

    Note to Alec Ausmus: The words are in the right order but this is probably a more accurate transcription of what Ryan Zimny said:
    “high-quality, Class IV-V run”

    The whitewater classification numbers indicate degree of difficulty, which is affected by the length of the run, obstacles, water level, difficulty of rescue (including remoteness), and other factors.

  • joetron2030

    Looks like a fun time!