Wisconsin from space

Southeastern Minnesota just barely got into the picture astronaut Jeff Williams took during an overnight pass of the International Space Station around 4:30 a.m.

Here’s the annotated version.


You also get a pretty nice view of the snow line from this week’s storm.

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  • Alex

    Just a heads up: the annotation on the north end (left side) of the photo is wrong. That pointer to what is supposedly Bayfield is actually pointing at the Houghton/Hancock metro area in Michigan. Ashland and Bayfield are actually near the bottom of the photograph.

    It is, however, a pretty neat photograph. Thanks for sharing!

  • PaulJ

    They don’t look like such bad people.

    • Josh Ruhnke

      They look a lot less crazy from up there.

  • CHS

    Every time you post one of these pictures I’m forced to confront the reality that I view the world from a two-dimensional perspective, ie North, South, East, West. When you are that high up looking at something from an angle, it completely messes with my reckoning at first. Love seeing these.

    • Ben Chorn

      Might also blow your mind-

      If you are at the south pole and take a step in any direction you will be going north.