The history of General Mills

Aside from the intriguing marketing history, what we liked best about the deep dive into General Mills from CBS Sunday Morning today was the notion that people use protective gloves to handle old boxes of Wheaties.

Also, that people actually eat Wheaties.

Not to mention that “Poppin Fresh’s” heads are kept in coolers.

  • Our lake neighbor, Art Garris, used to tell me he was one of the Wheaties Boys, who sang the first radio jingles – live, on WCCO (which was owned by Washburn-Crosby Co. – WCCo, get it? – predecessor of General Mills) back in the 1920s:

  • Inella

    As a Boxtops for Education boxtop counter for our kid’s school years ago, I got the opportunity to tour the test kitchens in Golden Valley. Pretty cool!