Meire Grove cracks down on dogs

Two of the Theiler family’s five dogs.

There are only 180 people who live in Meire Grove, Minn. And if the authorities hadn’t cracked down on the number of dogs people can own, they might be outnumbered.

The tiny town isn’t much of a canine community, WCCO reports. It passed an ordinance that people could only own two dogs, and one family is asking how they’re supposed to get rid of family members?

“How do you just get rid of your dogs? You can’t, I mean you could, I can’t do that,” Ashley Theiler tells the TV station.

“If everyone would control their dogs barking and stuff, I really feel that we wouldn’t have had to do any of it,” the town’s mayor says.

The Theiler family has five dogs, one of which is for medical reasons.

Ashley Theiler has started an online petition to ask to be grandfathered under the ordinance, although it’s unlikely town officials will budge, WCCO says.