Kids sell lemonade to help a neighbor in foreclosure

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness.

It’s not unusual on a warm day, as we experienced this weekend, to set up ye olde lemonade stand and try to make a couple of bucks to buy whatever it is that kids want to buy these days.

These kids wanted to buy a house, or — more specifically — help a neighbor in Minneapolis’ Standish-Ericsson neighborhood keep hers.

Wells Fargo was foreclosing on the mortgage and a sheriff’s sale was schedule for Monday morning. A GoFundMe account was trying to come up with about $11,000 and the kids wanted to do their part.

Thus, the lemonade stand. A dollar a glass and all the comedy you can stand.

Greta Meissner, Chet Davenport, Lewi Linville, Anthony Guntzel and Si Guntzel fought a big bank one glass of lemonade at a time. Laurel Severns Guntzel

Nobody can say “no” to a kid with a lemonade stand. They raised $85.

Unfortunately, nobody can say “no” to the sheriff, either. The fundraising effort fell $5,000 short and on Monday morning the house went back to Wells Fargo.

The neighbor has six months to either come up with the money to buy it back or find a new place to live.