How Canada counters hate

Shelley Bramhoff Sikorski didn’t have a lot of time to get a picture to go viral before Facebook removed it. It was a Valentine’s card her gay son received at the Edmonton party goods store where he worked. A new manager took over recently and his hours, were cut. The card featured a slur.


But the word spread about the hate message.

Late last week, Canada went all Canada.

Another Valentine’s Day card showed up in Degas Sikorski’s mail, signed by members of Parliament and Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada.


“I explained what was going on to the prime minister and he said, ‘well, that doesn’t sound very nice, let’s write this young man a message.’ So we went into his office and he signed a beautiful message to Degas,” Randy Boissonault, an openly gay member of Parliament tells the CBC.


“It’s important for people in positions of authority to stick up and remind people what is right,” said Boissonault. “Here (we are) reaching out to say that we have his back. And bullying like that, and anti-LGBTQ sentiments, are just not tolerated.”

Mr. Sikorski has since left the job.