Great faces. Great places. Ugly license plates

South Dakotans are reeling after getting a look at the new license plates for the state’s drivers. That’s supposed to be Mount Rushmore on the plates, but the Sioux Falls Argus Leader says many residents say it looks like dirt.


It’s the first time in 10 years the license plates have been redesigned.

The artist got Mount Rushmore wrong. George Washington is looking too far off to the side. Thomas Jefferson is also distracted from his normal pose. Or so it would appear. And good luck making out Abraham Lincoln.


South Dakota state law says Mount Rushmore has to be on the license plate and it has to be recognizable as Mount Rushmore.

Who designed the plates?

“That’s not something I’m willing to talk about,” Jonathan Harms, a spokesman for the Revenue Department, told the Argus Leader.

Blaine Kortemeyer, assistant chief of interpretation for the national memorial, insists it’s not wrong.

“The new plate just has a different view point,” Kortemeyer said, adding it’s a perspective from the sculptor’s studio.