Minnesota WW II vet finally gets his passport

A World War II veteran’s “dream trip” to the Canadian Rockies is on after a months-long snafu that made it impossible for the war veteran and longtime U.S. government employee to get back into the country.

Ray Morgan, of Cottage Grove, couldn’t get a passport because he doesn’t have a birth certificate; he was born at home in Iowa and his home county there has no record that he was born.

So the family had to jump through hoops to get the bureaucracy to listen up before the birthday trip went south, KARE 11 says.


  • Leroy

    And to think that he may have been allowed to vote without being able to prove he was a citizen. The horror.

    I am quite glad he was able to get it sorted out, but we as a nation tend to overlook those who may get caught up in all these hoops we make people jump through.