Candidate: Canceled Motley Crue concert behind Facebook outburst

Richard Lays, a candidate for city council in Grand Forks, is apologizing for Facebook posts which included his declaration that he hates living in Grand Forks.

“That statement comes close to being disqualifying for a council candidate,” the Grand Forks Herald said in an editorial last week.

But one prerequisite ought to be that the candidate likes and respects the city. For while people who hope to reform a community seek office all the time, doesn’t even that ambition require a certain loyalty to a place?

Of all the emotions, contempt may be the most poisonous, in marriages, politics and just about everything else. And it’s contempt toward the town that he hopes to help govern that Lays seemed to express in his post.

But in a response in the same newspaper today, Lays delivers one of the greatest apologies of all time. He said he was upset that a Motley Crue concert was canceled.

I’d been looking forward to that concert for more than six months. I had third-row center tickets to my favorite band on their final tour.

To most people, that probably sounds ridiculous, but as someone who grew up in the 1980s, I know that Motley Crue always will be my favorite band.

I was furious that they had to cancel due to lack of ticket sales. I was extremely upset that we as a community could not sell out one the the greatest bands of the ’80s, when in fact I should have been upset with the promoters and marketers who were in charge of getting tickets sold.

The failure of those promoters is what I should have criticized, not the community.

Lays said he hasn’t deleted his Facebook account “because I didn’t think I had anything to hide. My friends and colleagues know me and what I stand for, and now I’d like the rest of Grand Forks to get to know me, too.”

  • Gary F

    He should cool off with at fine meal at the Olive Garden.

    • Boom! But you leave Marilyn alone.

      • Khatti

        …and Brittany!

  • Tim

    If he lived here, he could have seen them for the last time three times.

    • Khatti

      Really…the last I’d heard the Crue was retiring.

  • joetron2030

    At least he was honest about why he was upset (as inconsequential as it may seem to others) instead of making up some excuse to cover his political behind.

    • Tim

      After reading the full editorial and his entire response, though, it’s clear that there’s more he dislikes than just a concert being canceled. I certainly don’t think everybody running for a municipal office needs to be a George Babbitt — a desire to change things and a willingness to go against the status quo is good. But he seems to have a lot of contempt and bitterness towards the city, to the point where it could get in the way of being an effective leader.

  • MrE85

    Leave social media to the masses, would-be politicians.

  • Rob

    Brave (or foolhardy) is the soul who first proclaims to all the world that Motley Crue is his favorite band, then tops it off with a world-class social media hissy fit when denied the opportunity to see them perform.

    • Kassie

      When I was in the 9th grade, Motley Crue was totally my favorite band. I had posters on my wall of them and everything. In 1992.

      • Rob

        Heh. Probably not your favorite band now that you’re an adult, I’m guessing. Though I will be trying to get tix to the Cure, which was my favorite band in 1992. At the rate Smith and Co. play the Cities, Robert will be in his mid-70s the next time they come around…

  • Jack Ungerleider

    Obviously this apology was aimed at garnering the support of the small, but he hopes, loyal fans of Motley Crue that live in Grand Forks. Unlike Lands End he’s not going to flip flop and risk losing the support of a core constituency.

  • Khatti

    Where’s Dr Feelgood when you need him?

  • Darth patton

    He aint missing much ,seen em several times .i love motley crue but vince cant sing to save his life ,the band sounds good don’t get me wrong…he should just buy an iron maiden ticket ..there on tour and bruce Dickinson can sing….sorry vince