Yearbook photo flap settled with a bald eagle

Fargo North High School’s nightmare is over.

Joshua Renville, the North Dakota kid who wanted to pose with the flag and a gun for his yearbook photo has agreed to drop the gun.

He’ll go with a bald eagle instead, the Fargo Forum reports.

Administrators rejected the gun photo several months ago, which prompted a stand-off between Renville’s father and the school officials.

They’ll settle on this.


Renville’s gun was replaced by the eagle in a Photoshopped version. His arm was also removed.


  • MrE85

    This kid is like a junior version of Stephen Colbert’s old talk show persona.

  • Angry Jonny
  • Kassie

    I really hope this kid doesn’t grow up to regret this. In 5 years when he is trying to get his first job people may google him and see these stories. Not only does he look pretty ridiculous in both pictures, he comes off as someone who doesn’t want to play by the rules. Not something you want when you have no work experience.

    • jon

      I believe I recall from Bob’s previous articles he plans to join the military after high school…

      Perhaps the military can straighten him out and get him to be some one who follows orders and works within the bureaucracy of a large organization.

      • ChrisF

        I’ve never been in the military and I wonder how they deal with these Rambo recruits? These kids with fantasies of being super soldiers. They seem to try to bring them in with their ‘army of one’ ads but I can’t help but think that needs to be broken down.

        • John

          I think the army works pretty hard to break everyone down before rebuilding them into soldiers. My understanding (as a never been in the military kind of guy) is that is pretty much what basic training is for.

          • It’s pretty much “happy, fun time” in Basic Training.

            /not really…

          • Jim

            Army? Where did you see the word army? The young mans dad is a Air Guard master sergeant, and the he is joining the same unit. This kid grew up in a military family, so he probably has a good idea of what the military is.

    • BReynolds33

      Not playing by the rules is something that actually builds careers, should you choose the right career path. This picture is ridiculous, absolutely, but there really is no reason to think it will prevent him from getting a job. It’s not 1970 anymore. Most employers really don’t care if you took a stupid yearbook photo.

      • Kassie

        Very few employers want to hire someone who doesn’t play by the rules for an entry level job. And it isn’t the high school photo as much as it is the photo that made the paper over and over again. And it would depend what he is applying for. A social work agency or elementary school or ad agency might think twice about hiring a kid who insisted to have a gun in his high school photo just a couple years earlier.

        • Jim

          What rules did he not play by? What laws did he break?

    • Jim

      “5 years when he is trying to get his first job” What kind of slacker waits 5 years after high school to get his first job? This guy already has his first job already lined up with the US armed forces.

  • Jeff

    That’s got to hurt.

    • jon

      having his arm removed or having a bald eagle on his shoulder?

      • Jerry

        How do you think his arm got removed? Eagles are hungry.

        • jon

          So, is it ok to take the gun from his cold dead hand if the eagle takes his hand (and arm) first?

      • Jeff

        I was thinking the talons digging into bare flesh might hurt a lot, but yes an arm amputation is significant also.

  • I’m more offended by the bad Photoshop touch-up than the gun.

  • Jerry

    Well, they removed one of the guns.

  • lindblomeagles

    The more this kid tries really hard to sell his version of “Pro America,” the more I really hope this is all an act instead of a distraught child in need of immediate mental health services. Not being sarcastic either. I’m very serious about my opinion.

  • Vintage59

    Stupid and proud.

    • Angry Jonny

      Athletic shorts a-blowin’ in the wind to boot.

      • ChrisF

        Back of his shorts blowing but the flag isn’t? You don’t suppose…..

  • BatmanJesus