When it comes to snow, Minnesota’s still got it!

A bicyclist braves heavy snowfall as he rides around Lake Harriet, Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016, in Minneapolis. Parts of the Midwest including southern Minnesota experienced blizzard conditions. Jim Mone | AP

We’re back, baby!

Like an old, punch-drunk fighter, Minnesota showed it still has got it when it comes to handling blizzards. We weren’t all that sure we still knew how to handle a good blow, what with never getting big snowstorms anymore, but this morning we’re resuming normal routines with a minimum of fuss.

All of the components of taking a punch from the weather gods worked. Schools closed when it wasn’t even snowing because administrators knew what it would look like in a few hours. The roads in southwest Minnesota were closed and there weren’t that many people who didn’t think the rules applied to them.

Last night’s gridlock on metro roads didn’t really materialize (with exceptions) because employers let their people go without requiring them to take their paid-time-off hours, and the plow drivers kept the roads open. The airport’s “bend don’t break” strategy got all but 175 flights out without any innocent airline crew members being assaulted.

The newspaper this morning was right where it’s supposed to be.

And there’s still bread on the store shelves.

We can do this snow stuff!

Sure, there were problems. MPR’s Matt Sepic talked with Mike Demopolous of Hudson, whose express bus out of Minneapolis got stuck on an Interstate 94 ramp.

“We noticed they were trying to pull the bus in front of us, and that didn’t succeed,” he said. “So then another tow truck came that pulled that tow truck. So the way they got it out was a tow truck pulling the bus, and a tow truck pulling that tow truck.”

Piece of cake.

In the Mankato area, according to the Mankato Free Press, about 25 cars in the area spun out or went off the road. Only 25 cars? They have a name for that in Blue Earth, Nicollet, and Le Sueur counties: Tuesday.

And we didn’t even have to name our snowstorm, nor come up with some hip Twitter hashtag to talk about it.

This morning, we get to watch the national news giving us a little attention, and telling us how horrible it is to be here right now. Are they talking about us?

Because this was nothing.

We’re back, baby!