When it comes to snow, Minnesota’s still got it!

We’re back, baby!

Like an old, punch-drunk fighter, Minnesota showed it still has got it when it comes to handling blizzards. We weren’t all that sure we still knew how to handle a good blow, what with never getting big snowstorms anymore, but this morning we’re resuming normal routines with a minimum of fuss.

All of the components of taking a punch from the weather gods worked. Schools closed when it wasn’t even snowing because administrators knew what it would look like in a few hours. The roads in southwest Minnesota were closed and there weren’t that many people who didn’t think the rules applied to them.

Last night’s gridlock on metro roads didn’t really materialize (with exceptions) because employers let their people go without requiring them to take their paid-time-off hours, and the plow drivers kept the roads open. The airport’s “bend don’t break” strategy got all but 175 flights out without any innocent airline crew members being assaulted.

The newspaper this morning was right where it’s supposed to be.

And there’s still bread on the store shelves.


We can do this snow stuff!

Sure, there were problems. MPR’s Matt Sepic talked with Mike Demopolous of Hudson, whose express bus out of Minneapolis got stuck on an Interstate 94 ramp.

“We noticed they were trying to pull the bus in front of us, and that didn’t succeed,” he said. “So then another tow truck came that pulled that tow truck. So the way they got it out was a tow truck pulling the bus, and a tow truck pulling that tow truck.”

Piece of cake.

In the Mankato area, according to the Mankato Free Press, about 25 cars in the area spun out or went off the road. Only 25 cars? They have a name for that in Blue Earth, Nicollet, and Le Sueur counties: Tuesday.

And we didn’t even have to name our snowstorm, nor come up with some hip Twitter hashtag to talk about it.

This morning, we get to watch the national news giving us a little attention, and telling us how horrible it is to be here right now. Are they talking about us?

Because this was nothing.

We’re back, baby!

  • John

    My 30 minute commute home took 1 hr 40 minutes yesterday (and I left early). My kids’ school bus slid into a stop sign (according to my kid, a metro transit bus tried to zip around it because the school bus was going to slow. His school bus hit the curb to avoid sliding into the transit bus), and made them 1.5 hours late getting home. (The metro transit bus got hurt too).

    And my snow blower won’t start. (Just borrowed the neighbors and did both driveways in about 2 hours).

    This morning- pretty much business as usual around here.

    I was complaining yesterday (to anyone who would listen) that the traffic map made it look like we’d never seen snow before, but you’re right. We handled it just fine. My kids didn’t even get time off from school – so, you know, they’re a little bummed about that.

    • Jeff

      Looking at the traffic cameras it appeared everyone left earlier in the afternoon. I waited until later and by then it was smooth sailing (na, na).

  • Khatti

    This is so embarrassing! My snowblower is broke, and I’m waiting for it to get light enough so I can see what’s wrong with it. I feel violated in a way, I mean your snowblower is like your dog; it should always be there for you.

    • While I was walking my dogs this morning I noticed no less than 3 people shoveling while I could easily see a snowblower in their garage.

      You are not the only one!

      • Al

        It was good shoveling snow. 🙂 We don’t need no stinkin’ snowblowers.

        • I bought my used snowblower a couple years ago and by God, I’m going to use it!

          /Used it to clear the sidewalk in front of my house…and all my neighbor’s sidewalks on my side of the block.

          /A working snowblower comes with great responsibility.

          • jon

            My wife doesn’t understand why I always clear the plow wake from my neighbors driveway…
            I tried to explain that a 250cc 8hp 2 stage snowblower is a responsibility and that when I bought it there was an implicit contract that I agreed to with all of my neighbors who had smaller or no machines.

            She still doesn’t get it but she accepts it now at least…

            (I’d do the whole driveway but he’s got a little two cycle that can handle everything but the plow wake easily enough… So I only worry about that)

          • Well done!

            As an aside, I also cut my neighbor’s front lawns as the lawns are pretty small (we live in South Minneapolis). It just takes an extra 10 minutes and gives me a little more exercise. Our neighbors on each side of us are young and both have young children / babies and not a lot of time. I already did the “kids and working parent” thing and know firsthand that time is at a premium and mowing the lawn for them just gives them something to not have to worry about.

          • jon

            yeah… I don’t think my neighbor on the one side would appreciate me cutting his lawn… he like’s to point out the dandelions in my yards, and has gone so far as to ask if I’m farming them (I tell him they are good roughage, and great on salads, but he needs to stop putting the fertilizer down to make his safe to eat) Though with his failing health it might come to that soon. Other side is just as capable as me of cutting his own grass, and I think his room mate gets a discount on rent when he cuts the grass…

            I’m also on quarter acre suburban lots instead of a city postage stamp.
            And while the snowblower is a powerful beast of a machine the lawn mower was bought used 20 years ago and they no longer make replacement parts for the things that are 10 years past worn out…
            I’ll cut between the garages all the way over to my neighbor’s garage (he does the same) but that’s about the extent of lawn mowing some one else’s yard I got.

        • ChrisF

          Yeah, as someone is reasonably good health I really enjoy a good shoveling. Throw on the head phones, listen to some podcasts and per my fitbit I was at nearly 10,000 steps before 9 am.

          Of course I was singing a different tune during the snow storm of every week winter a couple years back. With respect to Jim G, the year we took a trip to Portland just to get away from snow for a few days.

          • ChrisF: As an aside – i love your avatar…

          • ChrisF

            I know that! You don’t think I know that?!?!? It’s so funny that you think that.

  • jon

    We are so unconcerned about snow only 2 out of the 12+ city and county plows that went past my house this morning bothered to put the plow down…. (though it would have been nice if they would have plowed me in in the morning so I could clear it out when I cleared the drive way rather than having to bust into my driveway when I go home…)

  • John O.

    Then there was this fellow on southbound 35W yesterday afternoon. [Full disclosure: I know the person who took the picture; she was at a full stop at the time the photo was taken.]

    • jon

      I was about to say something about it being a trike, but then I saw the center wheel is still there… That’s a Harley with Training wheels!

      • thorr-kan

        Snow tires. It’s a Harley with snow tires.

    • Kassie

      Could be my co-worker, he rides his motorcycle year round and doesn’t have a car. I believe he uses a sidecar in the winter though, not training wheels.

  • Thomas Mercier

    Yesterday was the first day of the Winter Cycling Congress in Minneapolis. Even the Finns in attendance were taking pictures of the snow yesterday.
    Glad I’m going by bike and bus to it again today, my street hasn’t seen a plow yet and it’s easier to push my bike through knee deep snow than it is to push a car. There’s still room for improvement but overall we Minnesotans don’t do too bad.

  • John

    I see that there’s plenty of bread available.

    Wonder what the liquor store shelves looked like.


    • The one in South St. Paul was fully stocked. Operating normally.

      • John

        I don’t know if I should be disappointed or proud.

    • boB from WA

      Rats! No french toast today….

  • Matt Black

    My trusty snow scoop and I cleared the driveway off three times yesterday and once again this morning. Took about half an hour each time. I always loved snowstorms like these when I lived in Houghton, MI. Oh how I’ve missed this!

    • jon

      Using the Yooper Scooper?

      I was surprised how light/fluffy this snow was given the temperatures when it was falling..

      I was expecting it to be wet and heavy…

      • Matt Black

        Yup – I love that thing. It cruised right through this stuff with no problems.

  • tboom

    I thought I could us this the snowfall as an excuse to go into work late this morning. After clearing the driveway I sat down with a cup of coffee and relaxed. When I walked into work about a half hour late I was the last one in. Three different co-works asked me what was wrong, one asked if I overslept and another wondered if the snow blower wouldn’t start, nobody suggested traffic as an excuse. Should have said I started the day working off-site.

    • jon

      I think “snow blower wouldn’t start” will get you the most sympathy this morning.

      • tboom

        Good for sympathy, but a distinct disadvantage in the: “my 12-stage, turbocharged, single-pass, electronic-start, needs its own garage stall, I can clear the street if I want to snow blower; is better than your wimpy little under-powered single-stage snow blower” arguments.

        • jon

          Arguement? Just tell them to come over to your house and prove it… they’ll either shut up about it or you’ll get your snow cleared… win/win.

  • Rob

    It’s so wonderful; I wish it would snow this much every week!

    • Khatti

      I really do worry about you sometimes.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    My drive home last night was stretched by almost 50%! It took me closer to 45 minutes to get home instead of the usual 30. (Of course that can happen for a variety of reasons.)
    Like Matt I too shoveled 3 times (2 last night, once this morning) Helped in part by friendly neighbors who did the sidewalks on the whole block so I didn’t have as much to shovel this morning. My unofficial measurement off the table on the deck was 8.5″ last night. So the 9.2 the weather service is reporting from the airport this morning seems right in line with what we got.

    FWIW I think this is winter storm “Kayla” according to the Weather Channel.

  • Al

    My paper can’t find the right spot regardless of whether there’s snow or not. I’m a little jealous.

  • Jeff

    Kudos to my paper delivery dude. It was in the box at 6:30am when I trudged out to get it in a blizzard of skepticism.

  • Nightowl

    My dad and his brothers did the same kind of thing as the Winona snowboarder. They made homemade skis and took turns pulling each other behind a Model A in the 1930s when they lived in Bernadotte, north of St Peter. They’d ski in the ditch and get airborne on driveways, big drifts and field accesses. It’s been happening for a long time.

  • Jim G

    Today, I am missing the excitement of a good old fashioned Minnesota snow storm while watching it rain in Portland, Oregon. Both my sister and brother-in-law sent pictures of the snow covered streets. The brother-in-law’s snow blower isn’t working. He hinted it’s my fault because I took my pickup with me to Portland at the beginning of December when we moved here so now he can’t get it into the repair shop. Here in the Portland area, schools closed for two-five days depending on the district and elevation when we had a 1-3 inch snowfall in late December. They only use sand out here, making packed ice the real threat to life and limb. Good job, Minnesota!

  • ChrisF

    Last night in the height of the snow and wind in Lakeville I was shovelling out the deck. Nothing moving at all, anywhere. Then I see headlights and a car with a Domino’s Pizza roof display drove by struggling through the snow. Is it just me or is it a tremendous d— move to call for pizza delivery during a fairly hazardous weather event?

    • John

      Bigger D move that the pizza place didn’t call its drivers off for the night.

      • ChrisF

        My wife suggested that maybe the drivers get big tips being out in bad weather and maybe like the adventure. I suppose the pizza places rake in the bucks? I don’t know. I’m thinking if you’re the type to call for delivery during a snowstorm you’re probably the type that tips lousy as well.

    • Jerry

      Everybody knows nothing gets around in the snow better than a ’98 Camry driven by a stoned teenager.

      • Khatti

        We wouldn’t be speaking from personal experience, would we?

  • Jerry

    I did see someone using lawn furniture to save a parking spot. They must not be from around here, especially because they were doing it on a snow emergency route.

  • Keith P.

    I skipped going to the gym today since my workout was reclaiming steps, deck, and sidewalks from the snow. And the early dismissal from school yesterday worked out great for my daughter – perfect extra birthday present! Got a take-n-bake pizza, then hunkered down for the night.

  • Postal Customer

    We got 10 inches, not 30. And the early forecasts underestimated the snow totals, lessening the odds of a run on bread. Minnesotans are always ready to pat themselves on the back, that’s for sure.

    • Brian Simon

      Took the words right out of my mouth. The Mid atlantic region is essentially unprepared for any snow & got 2 feet. We get snow all the time, but got less than a foot. Big whoop.

      • A foot of snow over two rush hours is more than the equal of 30 inches on a Saturday.

        Thousands of cars got stuck on highways because the drivers were too stupid to pay attention to explicit warnings.

        We pay attention. That’s something to applaud.

  • Jack

    The thing I love about snowstorms is that it gets everyone out on the block at roughly the same time in winter. Gives us a chance to catch up while taking a break rather than racing inside as soon as we get home from work.

    Thanks to my neighbors for doing the driveway this morning. It was a winderful surprise.