‘Security show’ snares 90-year-old who wants one last dream trip

Ray Morgan was American enough to serve his country in the Navy in World War II. He even worked for the U.S. government for 30 years. But the 90-year-old Cottage Grove man just wants to visit the Canadian Rockies again and he’s stuck in the government’s security show.

He doesn’t have a passport, KARE 11 reports, and he can’t prove he’s a citizen because he doesn’t have a birth certificate. He was born in an Iowa home back when we weren’t quite so afraid of our own shadow.

KARE says he can get a birth certificate if someone vouches for his birth. Did we mention he’s 90?

He visited the Canadian Rockies in 1986 and wants to go again to celebrate his birthday.

There’s still hope. His old church in Sioux City, Iowa still has his baptismal certificate from 1926.

Of course, you didn’t used to need a passport to return from Canada. But since 2001, the country has been more vigilant against the threat posed by 90-year-old Iowa natives.