‘Security show” getting poor reviews at MSP

It’s hard to tell whether the long lines at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport are because of spring break or because authorities have broken something that wasn’t broken as much.

In any event, this is happening. Long lines at a new security checkpoint that was designed to get people who aren’t terrorists zipping through security.

MSP says you’ll want to get to the airport early.

Travelers have their own advice for MSP, however.

  • lindblomeagles

    Much as I hate long lines, I welcome them at the airport. The long lines SLOW the industry down, which I think helps the Airlines Industry give pilots a break, reduces the number of planes taking off at relatively the same time, and helps planes land without running into other planes taxiing on the runway. Take as long as you need too, I say. I want the chance to walk out of an airplane safely into the arms of waiting family and friends. Life is worth living each minute of the day rather than rushing through without regard to what’s happening around you.

    • Tim

      Uh…no, that’t not how they work. The planes will leave when they’re scheduled to leave, whether people are on them or not, and the long lines don’t affect that at all.

      • lindblomeagles

        Listen to me very carefully Tim, cause I’m only going to say this one more time. THE LINES CAN GO AS SLOW AS THEY GO. I’M NOT IN A RUSH TO GET ANYWHERE ON A PLANE. I don’t really want to know anything about what you have to tell me. I just want to get to my destination safely. If that means the TA has to take 3 years and 46 days to check somebody’s luggage in front of me, I’m okay with that. Anything else you’d like to add?

    • 212944

      No. The airlines set a schedule and planes will leave on schedule – the tickets have already been sold. If someone misses their flight due to delay in getting to the gate, there are always a number of people already there hoping to get that seat. Airlines oversell to make that happen.

  • Jay Sieling

    “it’s spring break” – I guess they will be using that excuse for the next three weeks. Our break is the week after next.

  • Mike Worcester

    The images I have seen so far make me concerned that lines for the security checkpoints are rubbing up against ticket gate lines, which could cause friction for folks trying to get between one line to get to another.

  • Jeff

    I used to enjoy thumbing my nose at the poor slobs in the regular line while breezing through PreCheck. Now it’s full of dullards and often about the same.

  • Ed

    I nearly missed a 6:40AM departure this Tuesday after about a 30 minute wait in the precheck line. This was exactly a week since the new checkpoints had opened. Seems to me that TSA is under reporting the wait times, and at the same time complaining that there’s no overtime in the budget to help smooth the transition. I feel like the new “improvements” are of a poor design that overly constrain the area which funnels to the TSA ID check. $17 million step backwards where the main goal was to improve times by creating more room for passengers to “recompose” after being screened.

  • Rob

    Chris Christie was blathering on again about Amerjcan Exceptionalism when he endorsed DTrump; wonder if he was referring to the airport security system…

  • Aj Mattei

    Please note: security screening at airports have not stopped one terrorist since 9/11.