On the nature of love

We submit that the nature of love is measured best with age.

Here are a couple of stories to support the notion.

Every year since 1936, high school sweethearts Ken, 101, and Peg, 99, Newell have celebrated their wedding anniversary. Feb. 5 marked their 80th year, the Des Moines Register says.

Sunday is Valentine’s Day, a time for people the world over to contemplate the meaning of love. For Peg and Ken Newell, love is a mixture of deeply held affection and unwavering respect. To them, it’s found not in large gestures, but in abiding fondness, decades of small kindnesses and time spent nurturing personal interests. And maybe even, in Peg’s words, knowing when to “ignore him.”

Then there’s Charles and Louise

Charles “La La” Evans, 82, honors the memory of his wife, who died just a month shy of their 60th wedding anniversary, with a museum.

  • Anna

    My parents were married for nearly 60 years when she died in August of 2004.

    From the time they were married, my father always had a special gift or did something special for her on every 24th of the month which was the day they were married in October of 1944. He never missed and when he couldn’t deliver himself, he had a friend or a family member do it.

    It’s a lesson to young couples that you don’t need grand gestures to keep the romance alive.