If you could have dinner with anyone…

Here’s today’s moments of bittersweetness, parental-guilt edition.

In Australia, parents were asked, “If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose?” They responded with the names you’d expect.

Then they asked the kids.

The #MakeDinnerMatter campaign is the brainchild of Masterfoods, the international conglomerate of food brands.

(h/t: Brad Althoff)

  • My dad, just one more time. RIP dad.

    /I have some dust in my eye

    • Jon E.

      That was my first thought too. I would give a lot to have one more chance to cook and eat with my dad.

    • ec99

      My dad would have been 101 last Monday. He died almost 40 years ago. I can’t hear his voice anymore.

      • Man, that’s tough.

        My father passed away in 2008. I still have his phone number in my contacts (I’m sure it has since been transferred).

      • Khatti

        Whoa…ugly. My folks are still here, but I can still hear both sets of grandparents. I dream about them from time to time.

  • Gary F

    Eating as a family matters.

  • Susan WB

    This is why I sit down to eat with my husband and son every night. It’s not just habit. Eating together is BEING together.

  • Rob

    Lots of dad love; does anybody miss their departed mom? I do. I’d love to have dinner with her again, and have a piece of her unbeatable raisin creme pie…

    • ec99

      My mom died 15 years ago. Among all the things I miss about her is included the fact I haven’t had a decent Christmas cookie since then.

  • Khatti

    In the dead category I would love to have a dinner party with Benjamin Franklin, Sir Richard Burton, and the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa II ‘Stupor Mundi’.

    • Rob

      All dead dudes. No female historical figures you’d invite?

      • Khatti

        Hmmmm….no. No one I can think of now anyway. There is someone from my past I’d like to see again who I’m worried is dead but, dead or alive, I’m very much old business to her.

      • ec99

        Maybe Elizabeth I or Isabel of Castile for their take on surviving power politics.

        • Khatti

          Good point. Richard Francis Burton’s wife, Isabel Arundell, was a fascinating women in her own right.

      • Khatti

        It might be interesting to invite Carrie Nation and then serve alcohol.