Happy birthday, Mitch Hedberg. Here’s a doughnut and receipt

What with the news being what it is and all, it’s entirely too easy to lose faith in the utter awesomeness of humanity, but this doughnut, placed on the grave of comedian Mitch Hedberg in Roseville this week is a testament that we’ve got a little life left in us yet.

It’s the receipt along with the doughnut that is most worthy of the comic genius of Hedberg. Because of this:

Today would’ve been Hedberg’s 48th birthday.

He died in March 2005 in a New Jersey motel of a heroin and cocaine overdose.

(h/t: AV Club)

  • Neil

    The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how good I get, I’ll never be as good as a wall. The wall is RELENTLESS.

  • Kassie

    And rice, don’t forget that there is rice on the grave too!

    “Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.”

  • Knute

    One time, this guy handed me a picture of him, he said,”Here’s a picture of me when I was younger.” Every picture is of you when you were younger. “Here’s a picture of me when I’m older.” “You son-of-a-bitch! How’d you pull that off? Lemme see that camera… what’s it look like?”

  • MrE85

    Hat tip, Bob. Makes me wonder what people would leave on my grave.

    • Jerry

      Corn? Moonshine?

      • MrE85

        Works for me.

  • Angry Jonny

    I bought a seven dollar pen, because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring.