Franken reads ‘mean tweets’ that aren’t mean

The Clinton campaign has trotted out a new campaign ad featuring Sen. Al Franken, and backed it with a YouTube video featuring Franken reading tweets responding to his own postings about the Democratic candidate.

Who are these people?

@rtelmore is Ryan Elmore of Denver, who is a data cruncher and business college student. His Twitter page is not at all political. Also, his tweet isn’t mean, for the record.

@robinmarsack is Robin Marsack Barber of Michigan. She’s a Bernie Sanders supporter. Also, for the record, her tweet isn’t mean.

@geeksanddinks is an account that doesn’t exist.

@ByYourLogic is an unnamed person who acknowledged today that he actually likes Al Franken.

@roughacres – is R.L. McKee of New York City, who appears to have New York values and doesn’t mean tweet.

In selecting the tweets to respond to, Franken/Clinton actually ignored some pretty pointed ones responding to his pro-Clinton tweets, almost all of them from Sanders supporters.

It’s an interesting campaign tactic — giving publicity to a candidate’s biggest detractors.