3-foot-5-inch player making big splash for JV basketball team

Hillsboro, New Hampshire has itself a budding star in high school basketball.

“I’ve been looking forward to playing my whole life. I have 14 points so far this season,” Tristan Wilmott says.

“When he scores all the crowd goes wild,” teammate Kyle Brown says.

And why not? Who wouldn’t root for a player who’s under four feet tall?

Tristan suffers from a rare condition called mulibrey nanism, a genetic growth disorder that is a form of dwarfism, WBZ in Boston reports.

“We’ve been in some blowout games,” his coach, Andrew Jones, tells WMUR TV. “And usually when you’re on a team like that, towards the end of the game they stop caring a little bit, they’re just waiting for the clock to run out. But our team is rooting for Tristan to go in and get a basket.”

His favorite part of the game is the sportsmanship, Tristan says.