Twin Cities whites-only casting call sparks backlash

Producers of a new reality show for a Twin Cities TV station have shut down their audition solicitation because of pushback for only wanting a white woman.

The show, Minnesota Nice, will air on Fox9 but is produced independently by Brock Dombrovski of Prior Lake. In a posting on Facebook, the show advertised a casting call for a 5’8″ white woman with no tattoos, City Pages reported.

That apparently brought plenty of pushback from the online audience.

The Star Tribune reported that the producers of the show doubled-down in a Facebook response:

“You know, in 2016 let’s try and fix the things that need to be fixed. This doesn’t need to be fixed because it’s a tv show,” wrote Michael Thomas Cox. “Right now you’re feeling all good about your crusade for truth and we just don’t care. We’re trying to make a tv show while we are concerned about actual injustices in the world. There are people who are homeless and hungry we could help. There are people getting killed for religion.

Of all the things you could be using your Facebook voice for, hidden safe behind your keyboards, I fear this isn’t something to get worked up over. But alas, apparently this is how we do things. We find a personal offense to everything.

Honestly, don’t ever try to leave Mpls. LA would just be like a racist casting call to you.”

A few hours later, the post was gone entirely.


Dombrovski later told City Pages the post was pulled because of “overwhelming interest” in the audition.

“We are recasting for a black co host, we are hoping Minnesota is ready for it, it is 2016,” he allegedly texted the alt-weekly.