The wide world of sportsmanship

There’s a wide gulf of character in the world of sports.

Which would you like to start with: the bad or the good?

OK, you win, because American Jack Sock didn’t at last night’s Hopman Cup match in Perth, Australia.

Sock led Aussie Lleyton Hewitt 5-4 in the match when he benefited from an “out” call on a serve.

“That was ‘in’ if you want to challenge it,” Sock shouted to Hewitt. The look on Hewitt’s face at the sportsmanship was stunning.

Hewitt won the match 7-5 6-4.

Neshaminy (PA.) basketball coach Jerry Divine could’ve used a little of that last night when he didn’t like a call from a referee in a high school basketball game.

Whether that was a head bump or a chest bump is a matter of some debate, but whatever it was, it wasn’t by accident.

His school suspended him this morning.

  • BReynolds33

    The tennis one reminds me of… I think it was Agassi and McEnroe?… The judge had the wrong score, and it should have been game point, but the judge was going to make him serve again. The other guy yelled up and said, “No. That’s game.”

  • Carol S.

    That Leighton Hewitt would be surprised by a show of good sportmanship is not surprising to me.