The people who won’t clean their cars of snow

In the “What We’ve Learned on Twitter This Week” category, we’ve learned that people get really worked up by people who don’t properly clear snow off their cars.

The tweet from the Ontario Provincial Police struck a nerve with people who’ve apparently seen plenty of people driving like this.

A police officer gave the 80-year-old driver a ticket for driving in an obstructed vehicle — a $110 fine — then helped the old-timer clean off his car.

“The driver is an 80-year-old male, he was going out on an errand run. The excuse he gave: ‘I’m kinda weak and old’ so he didn’t make the effort to brush off the other side of the window…It was essentially laziness,” Sgt. James Stanley tells the Globe and Mail.

When you actually see that picture…it makes them (other drivers) more aware, more conscious of their safety,” says Stanley. “(We) certainly don’t want to embarrass anyone. It is a serious issue, when you are going to be driving in somewhat blizzard conditions you need to have your vehicle clear of snow, you have to be able to see.”

(h/t: NPR)

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