Embracing winter: Ice racing on MN’s frozen lakes

It’s true that few states know how to “do winter” like Minnesota, and by Minnesota, I mean not us, Twin Cities. We’re pretty much like everywhere else, no offense.

But head outside Skywayville, and the way people embrace the possibilities afforded by a frozen world is positively inspiring.

Wired Magazine sends its love today with an article on the “wild, raging world” of ice racing, specifically Laporte, Minn., in Hubbard County, where Garfield Lake calls.

Wired profiles photographers Jenn Ackerman and Tim Gruber, a husband-and-wife team from Minneapolis that stumbled on the sport a few years ago.

“A part of you questions your sanity, all these vehicles and heavy trucks parked so close to one another on a lake. Is this actually safe?” Gruber says, “But, after you do it, you kind of forget you’re on a frozen lake.”

“The fact that people elect to do this on a Sunday afternoon when it’s -40 out there and they could be in a nice, warm house is sort of a testament to their love of the sport,” he says.