Delta picks Seahawks in NFL showdown with Vikings

If there was one football game the social media folks at Delta Airlines might’ve taken a pass on, it’s the one between the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL playoffs this Sunday.

Seattle and Minneapolis, you may recall, are two of the Northwest Airlines hubs the Atlanta-based carrier picked up when it swallowed up the hometown airline eight years ago.

But Delta has cast its lot with the Seahawks, apparently.

The locals were not amused.


[Update 4:56pm] — Any other airline’s social media team worth its salt would see the obvious opportunity here. Only Sun Country Airline’s did.


  • Jeff

    I interpret this as people in Seattle have a choice of what airline to ride with. Maybe if we’re nice they’ll give us another bag of peanuts.

    • boB from WA

      I think most people here in the PNW would prefer to fly Alaska. Peanuts and occasionally free wine or beer!

  • BeyondThePail

    Actually they now have a similar post up Skol’ing to the Vikings on @Delta. Delta is an official sponsor to both teams, so it seems pretty absurd that they would have intended to slight either. It may be as simple as the teams needed to approve the copy before posting and the ‘Hawks answered their email faster. (No personal knowledge, just speculating.)

  • ec99

    I have been a Viking fan from the very beginning. As such, I have learned to apply the 50-year plus disappointments they generated to other aspects of my life.