St. Paul tickets in hand, Adele ‘fans’ seek a payday

Not surprisingly, tickets to Adele’s two shows next July in St. Paul sold out in a few minutes when they went on sale this morning.

But — and this follows up on this morning’s post — Adele isn’t as big a draw for some people as the appeal of a big payday is.

Asking prices this morning began at about $550 on StubHub, and those started within seconds of when the tickets went on sale officially this morning. Top asking prices this morning hit $9,000. Each.


That’s a little more than the action at Ticket King, where top price is closer to $7,000.

It’s probably not likely that someone will pay that kind of money. On the other hand, if you got Adele tickets, how much would you let them go for? Not that I’m looking, mind you.

  • Baba

    She’s good, but not THAT good. Find a way to link tickets to fingerprints or facial recognition (both possible these days) and stop the price-gouging creeps from getting them in the first place. Then they will sell for the actual worth.

  • Jay T. Berken

    I purchased (2) Packers season tickets this last year. We had to pay for the season, which is six games and on pre-season game at the price of $92 a ticket including preseason game. (Two games and a preseason game are purchased by Milwaukee ticket holders.) I needed to sell my preseason game at face value of $184 for two tickets since I was not going. I put the tickets on TicketExchange and StubHub to at least try to get my money back. To get about $90 per ticket back, I had to list the tickets for $110 per ticket. I then looked my tickets up on the site and the tickets were listed for about $130 per ticket. That is about a 31% mark up on just to get my investment back for the tickets.