Video: The drunk-driving crash

Sheriff’s Deputy Marshall Doyle was following a truck on Minnesota Highway 67 near the intersection of Yellow Medicine County Road 8 in September when this happened.

You’ll probably want to sit down for this one: The driver who blew through the stop sign was drunk, the Department of Public Safety said when it released the video this afternoon.

He pleaded guilty to DWI.

One of the things I taught my kids when teaching them to drive was that stop signs and red lights don’t stop cars, especially in a state that loves its booze the way this one does.

  • Khatti

    I bartended and bounced in New Ulm for many years, I knew people who could have just as well stuck the gun in their mouth and pull the trigger if they would have had to give up drinking. Drink was the major part of their lives. And yup, they drove themselves everywhere.

  • kevins

    Just showed that vid to my wife….watching it hurt my fillings. Hope the person in the white car gets to sit for a while.

  • ChrisF

    I’m going to guess I avoid being in two to three intersection collisions every year simply by waiting a moment and taking a look when a light turns green-or making a quick judgement on whether or not an oncoming car is going to stop for a sign. Given much of this is during the a.m. rush I’m thinking it’s more aggressive driving than booze. Some people don’t need to be drunk to be jerks.

  • boB from WA

    The guy in the truck was lucky that only the front end of his vehicle was ripped off and wasn’t t-boned. Yikes!

  • Ben

    My dad drilled into my head when I was learning to drive to always expect someone to be where they’re not supposed to be. Kinda relates to today’s post about not trusting others. And it’s not because they want to kill you. There are thousands of reasons why someone may not be paying attention.

  • Matt

    Both drivers are lucky they’re not dead. Wowza.